Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm sorry that there is no picture today. Hopefully we will have a "Going Home" picture tomorrow.

Caleb had another good day. He had a good night last night. He did wake up, but luckily the nurses now know that all you have to do is play with him for a while and he will be happy and will eventually go back to sleep.

Caleb had his discharge echocardiogram and EKG this morning. The cardiologist said everything looked fine. Caleb's surgeon stopped in later in the day to say that he was happy with how things looked, that he was happy that Caleb got his act together this time and that we would see him in a year. I have a sneaky suspicion that year is going to fly by!

Caleb's morphine was turned off this morning. Caleb spit-up a couple of times, but he is not agitated at all and shows no signs of withdrawal other than the fact that he doesn't usually spit up. So far, no one seems worried. Caleb did not throw up from his 10:00 pm feeding. I decided I would stay with him until 11:00 pm to make sure we didn't have a problem. Sometimes little problems get bigger when there is no parent there to explain. At 11:00 pm as I was putting my coat on to leave, Caleb woke up and was ready to play. This has never happened at home. When he goes to bed, he sleeps all night. I finally got him back to sleep at 12:15 am.

I think the reason that he was up is that he already has more energy than he did before the surgery. You would think that he would be whipped with all that has happened in the last week, but I think the new circulation is working very well for him. He still hasn't taken anything from a bottle (we have been trying though), but I am pretty sure he has more stamina.

Tomorrow, Caleb will get a chest x-ray, an RSV shot and the stitch removed from the wound where his chest tube was removed. Hopefully, everything moves along and we can be home before the Big Three get home from school. We did not tell them we would be home tomorrow in case something changes, we just told them that we should be home for the weekend. It would be a nice surprise to be waiting at home for them.

Thank you again for all of your prayers and support. It means so much to all of us!


  1. Great news, and what a nice surprise for the big 3! I love the pics, he looks so happy! We are happy for all of you, that this has gone so smoothly and you are headed home!!!!! Jim, Kathy & Kaden

  2. Great news! love you all!