Sunday, January 30, 2011

January 30, 2011

I am a bad mom. I still haven't taken any pictures. I have done loads of laundry and changed Caleb about 20 times, but still no pictures.

Caleb is still throwing up. We have found that he will keep his milk down when we feed him asleep. My suspicion is that he is nauseated by the morphine withdrawal. It is not bad enough to wake him up to throw up, but when he is awake, his stomach is unsettled. We have been moving his feedings around to take place when he is asleep and it seems to be working ok. Luckily, he still sleeps a lot.

The visiting nurse came yesterday and Caleb weighed 11 pounds, 12.5 ounces. This is a little bit more than what he weighed at the hospital, so we aren't too worried about him being dehydrated. His oxygen saturation was 80% and his heart rate was good.

The funny thing is that Caleb is still quite happy. You can tell he is going to throw up because he gets a little fussy, spews and then smiles again. If he hasn't eaten, he has been smiling and friendly. I think he likes seeing the Big Three again.

Because Caleb is eating while sleeping, we have not been working on the bottle feedings. Right now, we are just happy when he keeps his food down! We will hopefully get started on getting him caught back up in the next couple of weeks.


  1. One thing you are not - "a bad mom" :)

  2. HI Jen,
    Our grandson, Wesley, threw up a lot also. I always had to take a change of clothes with me when I went to their house. He threw up sometimes 7 or more times a day, and at times it shot out several feet!!! He had acid reflux. All of this to say, maybe this is normal for this condition?? Eventually he did quit, thankfully. I know you're well aware of this, but having the ng tube for so long might lead to eating and speech problems down the road. With Wesley, they kept it in for 6 months until they finally did a stomach button. One nurse told his mom that they never should have had it in so long. He had to take speech therapy also because he didn't use his mouth muscles. But I see Caleb using the pacifier, which Wesley wouldn't take, so that might help a lot. I'm not saying this to discourage you, just to maybe avoid some problems. So glad he's doing so well, and I pray for him continually. And you seem to be A GOOD MOM!!

  3. Unfortunately, the NG tube isn't just an option for Caleb right now, it's a necessity.

  4. So nice to read your posts from home. I know I enjoyed doing laundry the first few times when we got home. I still dont dislike it as much as I did at one time because i know we could head back to the hospital at any time. With Gabby's heart condition I know throwing up is very commom is it all heart defects? I am not sure but Caleb knowing he is home and feeling the love of his family will keep those smiles coming.

  5. Jen, Has anyone mentioned the feeding clinic at DeVos to you? It might be a good resource for you. Glad to hear that everything is going so well other than the feeding issues.