Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 18, 2011 - Update 3

We just talked to the surgeon and he was very happy with the repair. They waited for a little while for some bleeding to stop before they closed him up. The bleeding is not uncommon and stopped just fine, so he should be heading to recovery shortly.

He told us that he had never seen a diaphragm need to be re-plicated, but he said that with Caleb, nothing surprised him. At least he knows Caleb!

I will post again tonight after I get to sit with him.


  1. Soooo happy for the news! Can't wait to see him smiling again! Love you all!
    Yay, Caleb!!!
    Aunt Beth and Uncle Mike

  2. Thank you for the quick updates. We have been thinking about you all day and happy for the good news. Uncle Bill, Aunt Marie

  3. So happy to hear the successful news...thanks for the updates Jen! HW

  4. Jennifer: Great update! We are keeping good thoughts.

    Bob Scott

  5. Wonderful news! We knew he could do it! We are looking forward to more good news. Thoughts & prayers! Kathy