Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Asleep in the playpen at the Ronald McDonald House in Ann Arbor

Getting my diaper changed by Aunt Beth

We made it safely back to Ann Arbor. Phil is home with the Big Three and Phil's sister Beth came to Ann Arbor with Caleb and I. Beth is helping me out with all of the logistics of trying to get moved in with a baby that hates to be left in his car seat and that turns a funny shade of blue when left crying for very long. Considering I needed to make four trips to the van to bring all of our stuff in, I really needed her. Thank goodness for family once again.

Caleb has still been doing well if you ignore the blue part. His oxygen saturation was 74% on Friday when the visiting nurse checked him out. As long as he is calm, happy and not wiggling too much, he can still get good numbers. His weight was 11 pounds, 8 ounces. Everything else looked fine.

Caleb did take 8 cc's of milk from the bottle on Saturday, so we still might be in a good place for bottle feeding after the surgery. That was a huge relief for me. We will deal with it if he never gets the bottle feeding, but it will be much more pleasant if he does get the hang of it.

I will post the results of tomorrow's marathon of doctor's appointments. Hopefully all goes well and we will still be on track for surgery on Tuesday. As much as I dread him having the surgery, at least it will be over and we can start moving forward.


  1. Caleb looks like he is laughing at Aunt Beth's jokes! Just like the rest of us on Facebook. We'll be praying for all of you this week.
    Brenda & Tom

  2. With God and family on your side the relief for Caleb is surely a scene for his heart to do the best it can do. Prayers for those doing the surgery.

  3. I know its scary that he has to go thru this again, but hopefully it will begin the road to normalcy and recovery! We will be praying hard!

    Kathy Jim & Kaden

  4. Good Luck on Tuesday! I'll be saying a prayer that all goes well with Caleb!

    Gay Pfaller