Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011 - Update 2

They are now done with Caleb's heart repairs and things went very smoothly. He is off bypass and his heart started right back up with very little medication. His pulmonary pressures are normal - not low normal, not high normal, just normal. They are very happy with how things went.

The only problem was that they couldn't get a central line in so they had to put a line in through his chest directly into his heart. This might slow down our release from the PCTU and move back our holding possibilities. It will not slow us down from anything else though. It is not surprising that they couldn't get the central line in because the vessels in his legs have been messed with so many times already.

We are now waiting to meet with the surgeon.

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  1. Jen, I just finished reading your whole blog.... I had not known your family has been going through so much. Your words thrusted me into your world over the last months, and my heart ached for you, then smiled with you. Kleenex has been my friend for the last couple of hours. Wow! I will pray for your family and for little, Caleb-man. What a beautiful baby!

    *Prayers for health, and strength for you, Phil and your family. Prayers for Caleb's quick healing and the continued wisdom of some AMAZING doctors! Praise God for their knowledge, and their minds! Last but not least...praise God for Caleb!!!!

    God bless you, Jen! God bless your family!
    -Heather Hoffman