Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

Today was another good day. One of Caleb's sedatives was weaned this morning and his morphine will be weaned tonight. As fas as I can tell, we have at least three more days of morphine weans - assuming Caleb is not "dependent" and doesn't require a complex wean like last time.

Caleb's blood pressure is still higher, but he did not have to go back on the second blood pressure medicine. We are now in the process of converting his IV medication to the correct dose of the oral medication.

One of Caleb's diuretics was discontinued and an oral diuretic was added. Now we are on only one IV diuretic.

Caleb is still doing well off the ventilator. When I got to the hospital this morning, I was ready for CPAP or even the ventilator, but Caleb is doing great. Over the course of the day, he was weaned down to 21% oxygen (room air) at a volume of 3 liters. This is a reduction from 35% oxygen at 6 liters. His left lung is looking even better today than it was yesterday.

Caleb slept a good portion of the day, but he was awake and not screaming for a while. He did throw a couple of big fits, but I think he is mad and sore. I would throw a fit too. He is still really out of it, but hopefully that will change as the sedative and morphine levels are reduced. I don't think his head is pounding nearly as bad as it was before, so hopefully when the morphine is reduced, he won't be miserable. They have been able to use tylenol and oxycodone to control his pain - no extra doses of morphine like last time.

We got moved to a different bed today. This bed is usually a "double", two babies for one nurse. This means Caleb is getting better and easier to take care of. If it weren't for his lines directly into his heart, we would go out to Moderate Care tomorrow. As far as I can tell, if we don't hit any major snags, we are just going to limp along and avoid putting in a new line through his liver. Hopefully he keeps moving along well and stays happy, because we still can't hold him.

Phil and the kids came to Ann Arbor tonight. Caleb is still pretty boring to the kids because he is asleep and they can't hold him. Phil got to spend some time with him after supper tonight and catch up with their boy bonding time.


  1. YEAH Caleb. Soo happy to hear things are looking good. I am sure this must almost feel strange for you for things to be going smoothly and how the dr would like for things to happen. Hopefully you can all hold him again soon I am sure he must miss all of his family holding him and he is probably bored also not being entertained by his siblings. At least this is how Gabby would be without her sisters always wanting to be holding her and playing with her. Tell him we are all still praying for him and praying he goes back home soon.

  2. He looks so much better than yesterday!! Hopefully, that means he FEELS better!! Praying non-stop that each day is an improvement with no major set-backs, because he needs to be home! :)
    Love you all!
    Uncle Mike and Aunt Beth

  3. I love the frog! He is looking so much better in these pictures. You two are never far from my thoughts and I hope you are able to hold him soon. I know being held by you and Phil is just what his needs to know things are going to be all right.

    Your strength and positive attitude makes me proud to be your sister and Caleb's aunt!


  4. Boy bonding time is important. Bob Scott