Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Caleb made it home today! I didn't get a picture, but we made it home.

Caleb had a good night last night and today was a busy day. Caleb had blood drawn to check his sodium level. It was just a little low, so we will give him salty milk twice a day. We have found another benefit of the NG tube! Caleb also had a chest x-ray and things still look great. He had his chest tube stitch removed, his IV removed and got his RSV shot. I found out that the RSV vaccine is a passive vaccine - it contains antibodies, not like an active vaccine that contains the virus itself and causes your body to produce antibodies. Because it is passive, the vaccine is given monthly throughout the cold and flu season. It is also susceptible to destruction when your blood is run through the heart/lung bypass machine. I am very glad that we are back up to full protection.

We were discharged around 1:00 pm. On our way out, several of Caleb's nurses from last time stopped to tell us how surprised they were with his success this time. The one nice thing about being in the hospital for longer than expected the first time is that you know the people and know the lay of the land. We have met a lot of wonderful people in Ann Arbor that really care about their patients.

We had to go back to the Ronald McDonald House to check out of the room. Caleb ate and slept while I finished up my cleaning and we went to check out. He threw up on both of us twice as we were heading out. He has also thrown up a couple of times since we got home. Hopefully, this will stop as the effects of the morphine leave his system.

The Big Three were surprised when we got home. We got to eat dinner together and we played Bingo before dinner. Life is back to how it is supposed to be!

I will now go back to Sunday posts and I promise to include some pictures this week.


  1. That's wonderful news Jen! So pleased for you all

    Em xx

  2. Way to go Caleb!! We are again so excited for you all and praise God for his great results from his surgery!! Keep up the good work Phil and Jen. And again what an incredible testimony you guys live!! Thanks be to God!