Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Today was another good day. Caleb had a little meltdown last night where he was dropping his oxygen saturation levels. They increased his high flow to 40% oxygen and his volume to 7 liters. By the time I got to the hospital, he was down to 25% oxygen. Other than giving the nurse fits and doing more things that can't be explained, he didn't have a bad night.

This morning, Caleb's chest x-ray looked good and his feeding was going smoothly. His blood levels were getting a little low, so he was given another transfusion. The low levels are probably a result of the surgery and the large number of blood draws that he is getting for miscellaneous testing, so no one is worried. After the blood transfusion, his oxygen saturations stayed up where they wanted them.

His feeding is progressing smoothly and he has been taken off the blood pressure medicine. He was getting a little dry, so they changed his diuretics back to twice a day instead of three times. By the time I left tonight, he was weaned down to high flow room air at three liters.

Tomorrow should be a big day. At 4:00 am, they will stop feeding him so they can take his chest tube out. If everything goes well tonight and tomorrow morning, they will take out his chest tube and his arterial line. With this done, I should be able to hold him again. We may also be headed out of the PCTU and back to Moderate Care tomorrow.

The doctors and nurse practioners are very happy with how he is progressing. We are all reminding ourselves that Caleb is a new baby now and some of the problems that we experienced before may be completely gone as his body has adjusted to the new shunt size. What a lovely thing to keep reminding yourself!

I would like to ask a favor of anyone that is reading this blog. As you may guess, when you are here, you meet lots of other babies and parents in the same situation and you bond very quickly with them. When your baby is having a tough time, it is wonderful to hear that someone else's baby is having a good day. Now Caleb is having the good days and some of our other friends are having a very tough time. If you are willing, please pray for Gabriela and Emilio. Both babies are in very critical condition and can use all of the prayers that can be sent their way. Thanks!


  1. Thankful to hear another good report on Caleb. Thank-you for passing on others' prayer needs also. Just prayed for Gabriela & Emilio & their Moms, etc. Will continue to as the Lord brings them to mind. Hugs to you Jen :o)

  2. My prayers for Caleb will now include his two new friends.

  3. I have have been praying long and hard for Caleb and it is so awesome to hear that he is doing as well as he is :)

    You and your family are very inspireing! You manage to look at all the good and stay positive. Stay strong and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel <3.

    I will also add Gabriela and Emilio to my prayer list. Hang in there and remember GOD IS GREAT!

  4. I've been tracking your sweet little son because his Grandpa Dougherty is my friend!It's been a privilege to pray for Caleb and to witness how amazingly God has answered prayer! Your entire family will never be the same after this experience - in a good way. God's ways are not our ways, and His thoughts are not our thoughts. Praise HIM for bringing all of you through this (although I know it's not over yet) and may HE continue to receive ALL the glory! God has GREAT things planned for sweet Caleb! Bless you all!
    Maralee Groen
    New London, WI