Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday, October 22, 2010

Today was another great day!

Caleb was mean to the night nurse last night. He did not have any medical problems, but he was fussy. The nurse gave him some pain medication, but he still fussed. She said that if she stayed right by him and kept his pacifier in, he was fine. This all sounds very familiar. My theory is that he is starting to feel better and is back to his old tricks.

He did have some fluid on his left lung, but they are just going to beat on him. They are not very concerned about it and his numbers are still looking great.

We are still in the PCTU because there were no beds in Moderate Care. They even mentioned going to the floor, but said that with his history, they want him to go to Moderate Care. He doesn't belong in the PCTU anymore. Caleb has a cry that will take paint off your walls and they aren't used to babies that cry at all in here!

Major Milestones Today:
- Chest tube out
- Arterial line out
- Weaned to air from the wall - 2 liters with no oxygen
- Morphine cut in half
- One set of diuretics switched to oral
- Started oral blood pressure medicine
- Nurse practioner said the word "discharge"
- I can hold him again

I had a nice talk with the nurse practioner about what we should and shouldn't do when we take Caleb home. She said that a "You can look but don't touch" attitude would work. We can go places as long as there is not a lot of sickness around and everyone needs to wash hands before touching him. He will need RSV shots and the rest of us will need flu shots. I think that this is very feasible. I think it was funny that she mentioned that he is our baby and we are going to want to show him off. I love these people! They remember that Caleb is a real baby and part of a real family.

Update on Emilio and Gabriela - Both babies made it through the night, but could still use some extra prayers.


  1. Wow! What a difference a week makes! Reading these posts make me so happy for you all! Way to go Caleb! Betsy

  2. So glad to hear the wonderful news and although it was very scary, glad the doctors decided to open Caleb up again. He is going to be the toughest one around. Am so glad they are talking discharge. He will realy thrive when he gets to his real home. Blessings, G.Pat

  3. Such a happy post!!! We smiled all the way through it - thanks for such a great update, Caleb!!
    Aunt Beth

  4. YAY!!! Praise God!!!

  5. Jen you are amazing! Remember to take care of yourself too!! Lilly is LOVING Maeve days at Karen's :)