Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Caleb is 8 weeks old today. Strange thought for today - he has never been outside.

They did not start the Viagra today. His lungs were quite wet, so they increased the frequency of his diuretics. He will have another chest x-ray tomorrow and if that looks good, they might start tomorrow. If they don't start the Viagra, they will try 24 calorie breast milk, so at least he should be getting enough calories to grow. That should be 2112 additional calories per day - a pretty substantial amount when you only weigh 8 pounds.

Caleb was very happy and content today. You can tell how fussy your baby is when all of the nurses comment on how happy he is when he is not screaming! Caleb has a very high pitched cry that sounds like a squeaky toy. Other parents can recognize his cry. Luckily, we don't hear it all the time now.

I held Caleb for a long time and we talked. He likes to look around now and will turn toward sounds. I think I might have even seen a real smile. It made me cry happy tears, whatever it was.

Today's Weight: 3.64 kg
Yesterday's Weight: 3.615 kg
Change: +25 grams


  1. Oh, Jen! A smile!!!! Now I"M crying! Lynn

  2. Seriously - at my desk with tears in my eyes. Precious. Love you. Beth

  3. Such a precious "dolly" !! Beautiful!