Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

Phil covered the eastern front again today. Caleb was fussy, but did not need any morphine. He has not had any since last Thursday. They think that he might be having issues with gas.

They decided not to start Caleb's Viagra today. We were supposed to start last Friday, but it keeps getting pushed back. Today, we found out that the reason is the cardiologists have been keeping an eye on Caleb's heart rhythm. Some of the cardiologists are worried that he might not be getting enough blood supply to his heart and some are not worried. We will see if we actually start tomorrow.

Today, they did decide to supplement his breast milk to 22 calories per mL from the usual 20 calories per mL. Now we will get to see if he starts putting on weight.

Today's Weight: 3.615 kg
Yesterday's Weight: 3.59 kg
Change: +25 grams

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  1. I am glad that Caleb has not had the morphine since Thursday. You are a wonderful mother to all of your kids and you have shown more strength than most people. Your mother would be proud!!! Your sister is!!!

    Love, Sarah