Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I switched Mom hats today and came home last night to be on duty for the Big Three. Today was the Alto Harvest Festival and Ella, Sam and Maeve had several activities they were participating in and they needed their mom.

I called this morning to check on Caleb and the nurse said that he had a good night. They had to raise his oxygen saturation in the nasal cannula a couple of times, but were able to lower it back down. Because both of the changes yesterday could affect his oxygen saturation in his blood, that was not a big surprise.

Phil went to Ann Arbor this afternoon. He got to snuggle Caleb and put him to bed tonight. He talked to the nurse and Caleb was still on 2 liter high flow and they left his diuretics the same. It is funny, everyone at the hospital is almost apologetic when we leave Caleb the same for a day. Phil and I look at a day of rest as a day not going backward! We never count on a change actually sticking, so waiting a day is a step forward. Right now, Caleb is on three different diuretic medications and only one dose of the nine or so is IV now.

It is nice to get Phil's opinion of how Caleb is doing - it helps me evaluate what I am thinking about his progress. Phil noticed how much calmer he is and how much more steady he is. He said that he feels that Caleb is much more our baby now, not some little time bomb ticking in your lap. No matter how well the other parent explains how Caleb is doing, seeing him is the only way to really know how much he has progressed. Hopefully, we can both see his progress in the same zip code one of these days!

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  1. Hi Jen! Whenever I see 0 comments, I feel like I need to say SOMETHING so you know how important these updates are & that at least 1 someone has read them for sure. Other folks probably don't know what to say either, or feel like they are doing you a favor if they don't comment, bcuz then you have more time for Caleb or sleep & less time you need to spend reading :o) Glad you could be in Alto with your older children. I'm sure they loved their Mom time!