Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

Caleb hanging out

Caleb without his gown

Normal baby clothes for the first time

Today was another good day. I put a normal sleeper on Caleb and finally took real baby pictures. He was well behaved!

Caleb is still on 2 liters of high flow regular air. They are going to keep that constant as we take the last diuretic dose to oral. I thought they were going to do that today, but it will be tomorrow.

Today, Caleb had a little more collapse in his left lung. I talked to the nurse practioner and she said that this is normal in babies post-surgery. They make adults cough and blow into the funny lung-exerciser things to avoid it. For babies, they beat on their chests with funky cups. Caleb gets "exercised" - or beaten - every two hours. He doesn't like it when they do the front of his chest and he seems to enjoy it when they do his back. The nurse listened to his lungs this afternoon and thinks that it is working.

The nurse practioner said that Caleb's kidneys are functioning much better and are nearing normal function. He is still losing electrolytes in his blood, but this is something that is expected and that can be fixed.

Caleb got blood again yesterday, but he was able to go 8 days between transfusions. That is his longest stretch yet. Between him getting stronger and fewer blood tests, he is keeping up much better.

The nurse practioner seemed to be very happy with the progress that Caleb is making. It sounds like we will be making some changes with his feedings next - after we wait out the last diuretic change and the lung issue. As every parent of a baby here says about ten times each day - "So far, so good".


  1. Looking good Jen. I love the new pictures, sounds like Caleb is doing good. Love all you guys. Matt Bon Cody Bret...

  2. Thank-you Jen for the pictures! Such a darling baby boy you have! Looking forward to the fundraiser in October. Hope to be able to hug you in person there :o)

  3. He looks so good! Don't want to jinx ya. Glad he had a good day. Looking forward to more posts like this one! God Bless you all!

    Katie B

  4. So good to see him in baby clothes...:) Although, he didn't look like he was enjoying being photographed unwrapped. Is he cuddly? He looks like it, due to always looking happy when he is wrapped tight!!
    Glad to hear things are going in the right direction, still love reading his updates, makes us all feel more connected!
    Love you all!

  5. It is always so good to hear good news. The picture is beautiful with regular baby clothes and the beautiful blanket that you made. Am anxious to read the story of Caleb everyday. Love and prayers to all of you. G. Pat