Sunday, April 21, 2013

Post Op - Day Three

Today was a big day.  Phil and Caleb had a good night last night.  Caleb was fussy this morning, but we aren't sure whether he was in pain or just tired of being here. 

Caleb has had three chest tubes.  Two are by his lungs and one was in the middle of his chest.  The drainage from the middle chest tube had really slowed down, so they decided to pull the middle tube today.  They gave him Morphine and Versed and pulled the tube.  Everyone told us that this is the most painful of the chest tubes because it is bigger and the plastic is harder, so getting that out was a nice thing. 

The Big Three and I slept in and went swimming at the hotel this morning.  We didn't get back to the hospital until 12:00 pm, so Phil got to handle the chest tube removal.  He said that it was not too bad.

The most exciting part of the day was when Caleb got up and walked to the playroom. He played for at least 20 minutes before he threw up. He walked back to his room on his own, even after throwing up. The Big Three were here when he walked, so we have about 700 pictures of him walking.

On the Move

Playing in the Rice

Caleb's stomach has been upset all day.  He has been eating and drinking pretty well today.  After a while, he is in pain and inconsolable, then he throws up.  After he throws up, he is back to his normal self.  The funny thing is that as soon as he throws up, he is ready to eat and drink again.  Tomorrow, we are going to see if it is a medication thing.  He has had a reaction to Oxycodone in the past and he is getting that right now.  Hopefully, we can solve the problem, because he really wants to eat.  Luckily, he does not seem to be throwing up everything and it takes him a while to do it, so at least he is getting some fluids and nourishment.

Caleb's oxygen levels have been much better since the removal of the chest tube.  The general consensus is that he is taking deeper breaths because it doesn't hurt as much.  He has been on 1/2 litter of oxygen for most of the day.  The nurse moved him to 1/4 liter, but he didn't like that and his oxygen saturations dropped a little (not too much though).  Maybe we can get rid of the oxygen tomorrow.

We snuggled in the chair and watched tv most of the night.  I think that he is tired of being in bed.  I am guessing that we will be in the playroom a lot tomorrow!

Chilling in Bed - One Tube Down, Two to Go


  1. Looking good little buddy. Love you. Uncle Matt, Aunt Bon, Cody and Bret

  2. Glad everything is going so well. Hopefully you will be back home soon. He is such a laid back, cool little dude!

    Kathy, Jim & Kaden

  3. Amazing Caleb!!! The Henrickson's are all so excited to continue to read such great news. Keep up the good work. We're hoping Sloan takes a page out of your book for surgery 2 & 3. :)