Monday, April 29, 2013

All Settled In

I think it took Caleb all of ten minutes to settle back in at home.  I was hoping Caleb would catch up on some sleep on Thursday, mostly because I needed to catch up.  I think he may have been feeling too good!  If it weren't for the awful looking chest, you would have no idea that he had major surgery less than two weeks ago.  I couldn't even get him to take a nap.

Thursday night, Caleb went with me to take Ella and Maeve to Little League.  It was cold outside, but he wanted to play on the playground.  After we had been outside for a while, I noticed his lips weren't blue.

On Friday, Caleb and I ran some errands.  Caleb is not a stay-at-home kind of guy, so he enjoyed being out and about.  We went to the hospital to get his blood drawn in the afternoon.  The wonderful young woman in the lab got his blood drawn on the first try with no fishing around.  Caleb cried for about thirty seconds and was just fine as soon as the band aid was on.

Saturday, Caleb watched the Big Three play baseball and softball all day.  He loved playing on the playground and playing in the dirt.  On Sunday, he went to church and hung out with both the Dougherty's and the Wieland's.  He is supposed to be laying low for two weeks so he doesn't pick up any bugs, but we decided to stay away from sick people and call it good at that.

We found out that Caleb's potassium is still low, so the hospital called him in a prescription for an oral potassium supplement.  This stuff is so nasty that it requires a minimum of 4 ounces of liquid to dilute it to the point where it can be taken without making you sick.  We figured something this gross would never fly, so we have been putting a little bit in everything he drinks.  So far, he has not noticed and the nurse at U of M approved our method.  Hopefully, this will be enough because we are already struggling to get his medications in, I don't want to have to torture him with this too!

Today, the stitches from Caleb's chest tubes were removed.  It took three nurses and me to hold him down and get them out, but it is done.  It was not fun for any of us, but now he can take a bath.  This is a very good thing because he is getting good and dirty each day now.

Caleb has a cardiology appointment this Friday.  I will post an update after the appointment.

I need to say a special thank you to my Gardening Angel.  Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.  I wish there was a way to thank you properly!

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