Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Heart Cath Complete

The doctor just came in and told me that the heart cath went great.  His good valve is working great with no leakage.  There are no difference in pressures where there shouldn't be.  The only thing that is remotely screwy is that his left Pulmonary Artery is a little small, but the doctor said that it is not unexpected in someone that has had a diaphragm plication (Caleb's diaphragm was stitched down during his first phase surgeries because the nerve controlling the diaphragm was damaged at some point).  They did not find anything that would keep him from having the final stage surgery.

Caleb was a trooper again this morning.  He was friendly and nice to everyone we dealt with.  He did cry when they gave him some oral medication to make him loopy.  The medicine was really gross and Caleb was only able to choke about 3/4 of it down.  Luckily, he is a light-weight and the medicine that he did get was more than enough.  He was so loopy - he was laughing and giggling and could barely hold his head up.  He did not cry when they took him away and the doctor said that he was still laughing when they put him out.  They gave him gas before they inserted the IV, so he didn't even have to get poked while awake.  This is why children's hospitals rock!

My Little Stoner


  1. So glad his pre-op is going so well! Praying for the little guy!


  2. Yay!! Glad that is over!! Gramps

  3. So happy for your progress so far -and a huge thank you to Jen for again keeping us all updated. It is really nice to know how things are progressing in almost real time; sometimes just not knowing what is going on is stressful in itself! I'm sure Caleb will come through with flying colors tomorrow- he is a tough little dude.
    Love and prayers from South Haven- John and Sue

  4. This is great news! Thanks for updating. A pretty little bird in a second grade line told me I should wear green tomorrow for Caleb. I believe it's an excellent day for green and have already chosen my outfit. All hopes for an uneventful procedure. You're all in my thoughts.
    Vicky Pratt

  5. Lynn and I will be praying you though tomorrow as you guys and Caleb face this new surgery. May He hold you all in the palm of his hand, and provide His peace and protection in His will.
    Lynn and Juli Ort