Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

Caleb is still weaning off the last blood pressure medicine and coming down on the pain and sedation medication. Phil was in Ann Arbor today and I was home, so the boys hung out today. Caleb was awake a good portion of the time they were together. The kids and I ran errands and went swimming at Chris's. It was nice to be home and be a mom again.

The cardiologist thought he heard some noises in Caleb's heart that should not be there. They did an echocardiogram, and everything still looks good. They also looked at his diaphragm, and can see that the left side does not seem to be moving. They are still going to try to let him breathe on his own again on Tuesday or Wednesday, but they think he might require surgery.

He is getting more and more breast milk each day and tonight he had a dirty diaper. Now we can count his digestive system as a working system. If we can get the respiratory system on board, we will be making real progress!

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