Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The baby and I are getting the hang of non-stress tests! I sit in the chair and when the nurse leaves, I eat a bunch of grapes. Ten minutes later, the baby is flipping out all over the place. He is getting big enough now that he can't get too far from the monitor. This week we finished the test in 30 minutes. I should have guessed that food would work. He is obviously related to Ella, Sam and Maeve!

We are making peace with our insurance issues. We will switch to the new insurance, but proceed with Ann Arbor for the delivery and the first surgery. Our current insurance will cover us at Ann Arbor and should be in effect until September 3rd. We will deal with the second surgery later.

I now have a contact for someone in Grand Rapids that went to Detroit for surgery for her baby. I haven't called her yet, but have been told that the surgery was successful and that they were happy with the care. It is much less scary when you can get information from someone with firsthand experience. Thanks for all of your help and prayers!

Countdown: 5 weeks to induction

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