Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I had my doctor's appointment on Tuesday this week. Once again, we were successful with the non-stress test. The secret is the grapes! I was having a few contractions, but they aren't accomplishing anything, so there is no major concern.

I had a quick ultrasound to check on the baby's heart. His heart rate is still great, there is no new fluid around his heart and everything looks like expected. He is head down now, so as long as he is not a professional contortionist, we don't have to worry about him flipping to a breach position.

I have another quick ultrasound scheduled with my appointment next week. The amount of amniotic fluid is higher than it was previously, but still in the normal range. The doctor wants to make sure that there are no kidney issues. She didn't seem overly concerned, just wanted to keep an eye on things.

This week, I talked to another Alto Elementary parent whose child has Tricuspid Atresia. Go figure, a really rare heart condition and there are two children within 5 miles of each other! She gave me some great advice about the situation in general and about surgery in Ann Arbor. Like everyone else we have talked to, she highly recommended Ann Arbor with no reservations. Talking with her was wonderfully reassuring. I have seen her child for the past two years and had no idea!

Countdown: Less than four weeks

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