Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010

After three more hours of research today, we are making some insurance progress. It is not all good, but it is progress.

1) Our current insurance will be in effect until September 3rd if they do not go out of business before then. Based on the information I have found, they are not expected to. This would mean that we could get the first surgery at U of M by using both insurances until the old one runs out.

2) Even if we were to get our address changed, the new insurance will not allow us to choose the network our doctors participate with. Our policy is only transferable as is, with no changes.

3) The new insurance is actually decent with the exception that none of our current doctors are in network. We can continue with our doctors (the pediatrician the kids have all gone to since birth and U of M doctors) if we want to pay the higher deductible, higher percentage after the deductible is satisfied and higher total maximum out of pocket costs.

The tricky part of all of this is determining if we are being hard-headed about U of M. We should have no insurance problems going to the hospital in Detroit and the new insurance should pay with no problem. However, my gut tells me that fighting for U of M is worth it to provide the best possible care for our baby. I am sure that the hospital in Detroit has the capability to provide the care we need, but is "capable" enough when you are dealing with the life of your baby? I am going to talk to my obstetrician on Monday and get her opinion. I will keep you posted.

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