Sunday, May 20, 2012

21 Months Old

Faith's Angels Walk - Heart Families

Faith's Angels Walk

Looking Snazzy in his Easter Clothes

Stomping in Mud Puddles

Faith's Angels Walk

Caleb is now 21 months old and is pretty much just plain normal. He likes cupcakes, mud puddles, playing outside and causing trouble. He is learning that you can't always get what you want and that you can't hit the other kids at daycare. He has been sent to time-out more times than we can count. Hopefully with our combined efforts at home and at daycare, we can convince him that this is not acceptable before we have a little dictator on our hands.

He can say at least 20 words now. Mama, Dada, baby, more, please - the usual stuff. He is still teething and drooling like a Saint Bernard. We are going through Tylenol and Orajel like water. Two new molars came through in the last week. Maybe by the time he is 4, we can stop putting bibs on him!

Caleb got to participate in his first heart defect awareness walk two weeks ago. Faith's Angels, the group that sold the paper hearts in February, has a walk in Sparta (Faith's hometown) to raise awareness and funding for research. We met a couple of other heart families and were excited to be part of an organization trying to help kids like Caleb.

Caleb is just about 21 pounds now. He is still hovering around the 1 percentile. He is still growing according to the normal curve, just on the really low end. This is what the pediatrician was hoping for - normal growth. Caleb is still short, 12 month pants fit him best now. Some of that is probably just genetics. While Phil is tall, neither of Caleb's grandpas would be mistaken for professional basketball players.

Caleb's next appointment is with the cardiologist on June 11th. We should learn more about the plan for the rest of this year and next spring. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers and for following Caleb!

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  1. He looks fab Jen - what a gorgeous little boy! Who knows, one day Caleb and Ted may be able to meet up and share stories :-)

    Em x