Tuesday, March 27, 2012

19 Months Old

Checking out the cows and new calves

In the back of my mind, I have always wondered if Caleb would be timid or reserved because of his slow start. This month, we have found out that it should not have been a concern. He is a totally normal little boy! If it looks like he is trying to climb the gate in the picture, it is because he is. He eats rocks, plays in the toilet, writes all over with the big kids' markers and destroys anything that he can get his hands on. He is as normal as he can get!

We also found out that he loves to slide (and that he can do it by himself).

Caleb has really enjoyed the nice weather we have had lately. He is loving being able to play outside. He'll grab his shoes and follow us around the house, hoping we will take pity on him and take him out.

Caleb had his last RSV vaccine this month. After battling with the pharmacy, we were able to get the last vaccine. Luckily, our pediatrician's office was a huge help as was our nurse at the Health Department. I am always amazed at how messy and difficult some of these things can be.

Caleb is still flirting with 20 pounds. He is now around the 0.5% percentile again. We think he may not be gaining weight because he is always so busy. Not bad for a kid with a defective heart.

We have met many wonderful heart families along our journey. One of the babies with a heart defect very similar to Caleb's required a heart transplant. Maggie got her new heart and is doing great. After spending five months in the hospital in Ann Arbor, she came home three weeks after the transplant.

I have asked for prayers for Gabby several times in this blog. Her family needs prayers again. They have brought her home so they can enjoy the time they have left with her. Her family lost their first daughter to the medical condition that Gabby has, but they are some of the strongest, most positive people we have met.

Ben is another little guy we met in Ann Arbor and is only a couple of days older than Caleb. He could use prayers too as he is dealing with some issues due to his heart defect. He is working hard in therapy to be able to sit on his own.

We are so very fortunate that Caleb is as healthy and as active as he is. I won't even consider complaining about the plumbing bill we had to remove the stuff that he has used to clog the toilet!

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