Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Caleb is crawling like a pro now. He never crawls on his belly anymore. He does not sit still for very long now. Phil and Ella were trying to play chess on the floor last night and Caleb was really enjoying helping them.

Last week was a good week. The kids taught Caleb how to clap and now he will wave at the drop of a hat. Maeve is teaching him to climb stairs. She said that she is a good "trainer". Caleb is almost as much fun as a puppy.

Caleb had a fever on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, but as of Wednesday morning, it is gone and he is feeling much better. He threw up twice on Sunday, so my guess is that it was a stomach bug.

I was thinking about Caleb not talking and was trying to remember when the other kids started talking. This weekend, we hauled out the video tapes and watched each kid at 1 year. None of them were talking much and they all looked and sounded exactly the same. Come to find out the speech delay isn't heart-related, just genetic. Caleb is babbling constantly now, but still doesn't say any real words and I am not the least bit concerned!

I have now stopped pumping, but still have a store of frozen milk, so Caleb should make it to nearly a year with primarily breastmilk. Not bad for a baby that has only nursed for one and a half days of his life.


  1. Enough said :-)

    Way to go Caleb!

  2. Awesome Caleb...you just keep getting faster & faster! Love you bunches ;)

    Aunt Hallie & your buddy Audraya