Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

I don't have a picture today. I meant to get one tonight, but Caleb was too tired after playing in the pool to beat the heat. Caleb still hates a bath, but he loves the swimming pool. Maybe I need colder water! I will try to get something posted tomorrow.

Caleb is now officially 11 months old. It is hard to believe that nearly a year has passed since he has been born. Time flies when you're having fun!

Caleb had a great week. He had his appointment with his occupational therapist on Tuesday. She was very happy with his progress. Based on her assessment, he is about on track in all areas with the exception of verbal skills. He makes sounds and makes noises to get your attention, but he doesn't say any real words. I am not real concerned because there are no other red flags to signal a problem. Our other kids were not early talkers, they just seemed to talk continuously once they get the hang of it. She also mentioned that he would probably make a little more progress once he got teeth. I guess your tongue likes to play with your teeth and helps to get you talking.

Caleb had his appointment with the pediatric cardiologist on Wednesday. He was very happpy with his progress as well. His oxygen saturation was 85 to 87%, right where they want it. His blood pressure was good and his heart sounded the way it should for him. He doesn't go back for four more months!

The cardiologist asked me what the pediatrician thinks about Caleb's weight (he was 15 pounds, 12 ounces at the appointment - 16 pounds, here we come). I told him that the pediatrician would like him to weigh more, but that because he was doing so well developmentally and he is still growing, he would just like to wait him out. The cardiologist agreed. I was worried that the weight was going to be a bigger problem and was very relieved with his response.

Caleb has gotten the hang of crawling on his hands and knees now. He uses the hands/knees crawling much more often than the army crawl now. He is also waving and pulling himself up to standing all the time. Several times he has found himself standing up and is not sure how to get back down. Maybe that will be next week's trick.

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