Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I have to make a correction from one of my previous posts. Caleb has only started army crawling in the past week. Before that, he was moving more like a paralyzed seal. Now we are getting coordinated arm and leg movement, not just arms dragging the legs along. Even though he does not yet crawl on his hands and knees, he is getting quite good at moving around now and can effectively terrorize his brother and sisters. I don't think destroying your siblings stuff is one of the developmental milestones the therapists use in their assessments, but I think it should be!

Caleb is still doing great. He has a doctor's appointment with his pediatrician Thursday for a weight check and his six month vaccines. We are going to try to stuff him with food so we can make 15 pounds.

Caleb is now making more sounds. We have not heard anything resembling Mama or Dada, but he is making vowel and consonant sounds. He does most of his talking with food or toys in his mouth. As far as I can tell, that is the only time he shuts his mouth. The rest of the time, he just leaves it open so the drool can run right out.

Even though this blog is pretty much the same each week right now, I am going to keep writing (even if it is a few days late some weeks!). Because Caleb is our fourth child, there is no way he will get a baby book. Some day, I will print the blog entries out and he will have an epic novel.

The other reason that the blog will continue for a while is that my greatest hope is that there are other heart families that will stumble upon it and find that some babies can thrive after surgery, even if things didn't start out well. I still get excited to see pictures of older heart kids looking healthy and enjoying life. Life can get to a very normal spot and it is great!


  1. Dear Jen,
    So happy you are still writing news about Caleb. We love to hear about his progress and enjoy your humor! Aunt Marie

  2. What a beautiful sight to see him crawl!! Made me teary! Agree with Aunt Marie - still love reading about him!! And all of you. Love you all.

  3. I usually check the first thing Monday morning or keep checking if nothing was posted yet. It is a miracle. PTL!

  4. Please don't stop posting. I look forward to following Caleb's progress every Monday morning. Makes my day to see how great he's doing! Lynn