Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday, March 29, 2010

Today I got good news regarding work. I was in the midst of a two week bridge inspection class last week when all of this happened. I missed Monday and Tuesday afternoon for doctor's appointments and the rest of the week with the bed rest. I was afraid that I would have to take the entire two week class over again and pay another $1500. I was hoping that I could take the class again and just attend for the second week. This morning I got a phone call telling me that they were going to let me take the exam for the class. If I pass, I will have the certification and will not have to take two more weeks off of work. I was ecstatic!

I also got notification that I picked up another bridge project. I am pretty close to having enough work for this year. Now it it just a matter of getting everything timed properly with baby stuff.

Maeve and I hung out here and I worked on engineering stuff today. We ran to the office for a few minutes to meet a client. Maeve is feeling better and I had no problems today, so it was a wonderful day!

Hopefully we will have more information after the doctor's appointment tomorrow.

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