Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Nearly 29 Months Old - Little Boy Stuff

Because I have not updated in a while, there have been many new developments in Caleb's life. He is doing amazing and is a healthy little boy that enjoys doing little boy things.

Caleb got to participate in his second Dougherty Family End of Summer Tomato Smashing Event. This year he even got his own croquet mallet.

For Halloween, Maeve was a cowgirl and Caleb, Sam and Ella were a Mariachi band. Caleb even had a mustache. Unfortunately, drool is really hard on your mustache.

Caleb is now talking and singing up a storm. We understand more and more of what he says and he loves to sing "Happy Birthday". The words aren't quite right and he sounds like he has been drinking, but we know what it is.

Caleb has officially moved out of his crib and is sleeping in his big bed. He is doing really well with it. We have noticed that he needs his sleep more than the other kids did, but it does make bedtime and naptime easier. We have been told by other heart families and his cardiologist that this is common in kids with his heart defect and he will probably have more stamina after his next surgery. He goes 100 miles an hour all day long until naptime and bedtime and then he is ready to sleep.

Caleb is finally growing some hair. It is very fluffy and is always sticking out. He will be getting his first haircut shortly. That means he is nearly 2 1/2 and is just getting enough hair for a haircut.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas. The kids enjoyed themselves and made it through the two weeks off at Christmas with no bloodshed.

We are looking forward to a new year with all kinds of new adventures.

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  1. Great update. Glad his appointment went well. We knew he was doing well, huh? Dreading his upcoming surgery, but whatever you need we'll be here to help! Love you all!