Tuesday, November 22, 2011

15 Months Old

Caleb is now 15 months old. He officially has two bottom teeth. He bit himself the other day and learned that having teeth is a responsibility!

We are making some progress in the walking department. He has stood on his own several times. He usually needs to be concentrating on something else and he sits down when he realizes that he is standing, but he can do it. He is also getting to the point where you can see that he is thinking about walking, but crawling is so much faster.

Caleb is saying "Mom" and "Uh-Oh" with great regularity now. Today, he yelled "Mom" to get my attention. It's cute now and will get old really soon! He also says "Uh-Oh" when he throws something on the floor which is very frequently. I think he was talking to Phil on my cell phone this afternoon. I heard a lot of "Hi" and "Da".

Now our focus is kissing. He has learned to blow kisses and tries to kiss us now. It's like being attacked by a very wet fish.

Caleb loves to climb the stairs. He has not figured out how to come down yet. Whenever we try to teach him to go down backwards, he realizes there is one more stair to climb and up he goes again. He climbs to the top and yells for someone to come get him. He is pretty sure the rest of us are his professional support staff.

Caleb had his 15 month well baby checkup yesterday. His weight was 18 lbs, 9.5 ounces. That puts him at the 0.4 percentile. He is around 10 percentile for height and 75 percentile for head circumference. His oxygen saturation was 77%. Overall, the pediatrician was very happy with his progress. He was not worried about the delayed walking or talking. He said that being a boy and the fourth child, we should be happy if he talks before kindergarten! He also said lollipop kids (little bodies and normal sized heads) take a little longer to walk because they are top heavy.

Caleb is still caught up with his vaccines and with the exception of flu shots and his RSV vaccine, he is all set until school! On that same note, after some fighting with the insurance company, Caleb will be getting the RSV vaccine again this winter. That is a huge relief with all of the bugs that come into our house.

Around Halloween, Caleb decided he didn't need a bottle anymore, so now he is totally a cup guy. That was a completely painless transition for all. I am guessing getting rid of the pacifier will not be that easy.

Caleb has an appointment with the cardiologist in December, so we will have more detailed information as to how he is doing from a heart perspective.

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  1. Glad to hear Caleb is cruising along. Hope everyone enjoys the holidays this year!

    ~Carol K.