Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

More smiles and the start of a double chin

Caleb's John Deere hat from Grandpa and Grandma Dougherty

The visiting nurse came on Tuesday to check Caleb out. He still has his cold, but she did not think that it had moved into his lungs. His oxygen saturation was 74% and he weighed 10 pounds. We are officially to double digits! As you can see, he is starting to fill out a little. He is still really long and skinny, but he is gaining.

On Wednesday, the therapist from Early On came to work with Caleb. We are trying to get him caught up to where he is supposed to be for his age. As you may guess, spending the first ten and a half weeks of your life in the hospital and sleeping a lot when you come home puts you a little behind schedule. She laid him on his tummy on the floor and he lifted his head about 45 degrees. He also moved his hands up to support himself. While this is not quite where he should be, it is some major progress. Our main areas to work on are his strength and gross motor skills as well as his feeding from a bottle. We are excited to get help with the feeding instead of just assuming he won't get it and waiting for a cup.

On Thursday, he had his pediatrician's appointment. The doctor was happy with his weight gain and also did not think that the cold had moved to his lungs. He got three different shots, so we are officially started with his immunizations.

Hopefully, he will get his RSV vaccine this week. The vaccine is so expensive that the company that supplies it checks to make sure that it is covered by insurance and double-checks with the parents so everyone knows how it will be paid (our insurance is covering it). The nurse practioner in Ann Arbor called it "liquid gold". I will just be happy when he has had the shot. A nurse will come to the house to give it to him, which means one less trip to the pediatrician's office and less exposure to sick kids.

Caleb's appointment with the cardiologist was moved up a week to tomorrow. I am glad because I am starting to get paranoid. Between his cold and not having had his heart checked out by the experts in a month, I get worried easily right now. Hopefully we will get a good report tomorrow and I can rest easy for a couple more weeks. I will try to post an update with results tomorrow night.

Friend Updates:
- Gabriela is home from a stay in the hospital with pneumonia.
- Colton's surgery went well and he is recovering in typical heart baby fashion - two steps forward, one step back.
- Ben's pre-surgery appointments are this Wednesday, with surgery scheduled for Thursday.

Thanks for all of your prayers for Caleb and for the rest of our family. We are so lucky to have people (some of whom we have never even met) praying for us!


  1. Looking kind of chubby for a change! Great for babies! :)

  2. OH, he is starting to get some chub! :) YAY! Praying for a positive report from the cardiologist tomorrow! :)